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Think Big or How to Win a Million Dollars

December 30, 2020

how to win a million dollars

The idea of becoming rich has always attracted people. We are firmly sure that there is no such person who wouldn’t dream of it. Special secrets on how to win a million dollars are spread all over the Internet, but tips given in this article definitely won’t disappoint you.


First thing to consider is the lottery. Almost each respected country in the world holds a national lottery. Usually its maximum jackpot comes up to $50 million. The concept of any lottery is pretty similar. Basically you need to buy a lottery ticket. Then you have got to find out when it is on TV and join a group of other lucky bastards. The mechanism is very simple. Usually some special machine picks numbers randomly and your task is to match them with those you have on your ticket. If they fit partly you may win something. But if you are a perfect match, you will become the luckiest person in the world. You will become a millionaire.

One thing we should definitely point out is that the probability of such a winning is very low. It really happens rarely. But on the other hand, the national lottery doesn’t cost a lot to join in.

Progressive slot machines

What is the difference between a casual slot machine and progressive one? The difference is quite obvious but still requires some explanation.

The main idea of progressive slot machines is that they have one joint jackpot and the thing which is even more pleasant is that it constantly goes up until someone wins it. The amount of the money represented by the jackpot may vary. It depends on many aspects. But the most important one is, of course, its geographical area. The chances to win a million dollars are much higher than in case of lotteries. People could think that it means that people win the jackpot using progressive slot machines more often, but in reality it’s not like this at all. National lotteries have tremendously more players and customers and that is why people who play lottery instead of playing progressive slot machines win noticeably more often. Any way you can try your luck and gamble on progressive slot machines from time to time.

Las Vegas

One more possible but very extravagant option is visiting Las Vegas. The sin city has a lot to offer, but mainly these are casinos with huge bets and attractive jackpots. Being among greatest casinos certainly improves your chances to win a million dollars. A big number of table games in Las Vegas have progressive betting systems and it can easily grow up to be more than $2 million dollars. We are acquainted with a guy who won $1 million dollars a couple of years ago simply playing poker at Harrah’s casino in Las Vegas. Actually he still gambles and has some luck from time to time. His main idea is that no one should hesitate about how to win a million. You must go straight forward right into the direction of your dream and do whatever you can to reach it. Of course, it’s not just some bald and foolish adventure. It’s more like a persistent and challenging journey into the world of calmness, composure and strategy.

Earn it, and then tell everyone you’ve won it!

Objective reality shows that becoming a millionaire doesn’t turn out to be an easy task. It’s obvious that if it was so easy, everyone would do it without any shred of doubt. Becoming a millionaire by winning money is a very unreliable activity. As we become richer, we may raise a toll and win more money with a greater probability. Simple logic leads us to the fact that it’s much more useful and thoughtful to earn one million dollars in the first place and then win $20 million trying out your luck.

One thing you should definitely do is to stop considering $1 million to be a big sum of money. Until you stop, nothing is going to change. Remember it’s all about your inner thinking.  

Choosing a career is a primary thing you should do. Despite the widely spread myth that higher education doesn’t help earning money, the statistics clearly shows that people with a higher education earn at least 70% more than people without any education.

Next smart step would be investing. Start investing as soon as it’s possible. It’s a well-known fact that millionaires usually invest around 25% of their income annually. The best choice of investment is, of course, real estate. It is simply a great way to get passive income. Investing in real estate isn’t always connected with renting out purchased spaces. There are different funding programs which let you be in a team by investing a couple of thousand dollars.

It’s vitally important to be careful with debt. Everyone knows that debt is the worst kind of poverty. But we have to differentiate debts. Bad debt is when you are certain that it’s not going to bring you any profit. On the contrary good debt is when you have a loan connected with your education or building some property for the future office. Basically speaking, your debt should be something like an investment. You must be sure that it will bring you some profit afterwards.

Now imagine yourself having one million dollars. We are sure it’s time to gamble and take risks. One essential thing is that with one million gambling turns into something completely different.


No one can guarantee you that sooner or later you will win a million dollars. But aspiration to do it will certainly get you closer to your goal. Try to be smarter and don’t fly in imaginary clouds. Life is a complex set of events and influences. Your task is to take smart decisions and think twice before you try your luck. The knowledge how to win a million dollars may be a truthful art of giving and receiving and we are sure you will definitely reach the stars in this art.

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