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How to rise your profit from bonuses

May 8, 2020

Well known fact that there is no magic tactic or strategy which can be used to win every time in casino. But playing with bonuses is one of the ways to multiply our chances of catching the luck. So how to get all advantages from a bonus?
Most of bonuses provided by different casinos have wager requirements. For example, we get 100% deposit bonus with wager x40. That means if we deposit 100 EUR we need to place 4000 EUR bets in order to withdraw all our winnings from the bonus. To get zero expectation we aren’t to lose more than 100 EUR after 4000 EUR played. Let’s ask mathematics to help us to find the best slot for that:

4000 – 100%
100 – ?
100×100/4000= 2.5% – can be lost

In other words we should play the slots with at least 97.5% RTP to stay profitable. Using this simple formula, you will be able to get all the advantages from any promotion.
To sum up:

  • The less wager bonus has – more attractive it looks for us
  • Use our formula to choose most valuable games for your bonus
  • Grab the best promo offers on our TOP BONUSES section

Let the luck be on your side!


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