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Guidebook of Gambling or How to Play Slot Machines for Dummies

December 30, 2020

how to play slot machines for dummies

Everyone knows that slot machines are the easiest type of gambling to choose from. They also let players win huge money without a big investment. Our guidebook of gambling is a simple try to give some instructions on how to play slot machines for dummies. All the basics and a few major secrets are presented here so get ready to become the most advanced gambler in the world.

Rules differ and matter

In case of slot machines getting started is no complicated task. Nevertheless, each slot machine may have some specific set of rules and not knowing it will definitely affect you badly. Basically, most slot machines let you manage lines and bets, but in reality it happens so that some of them require more. For example, some progressive slot machines sometimes have very unclear conditions for the opportunity of winning a jackpot. It happens so that for some machines you have to play all the lines and raise your bets maximum in order to have a chance to win the jackpot. It might be a problem once you get a jackpot theoretically, but in practice the machine tells you haven’t followed all the rules.

Progressive slot machines

The popularity of slot machines is undeniable. Casinos really love them because they don’t presuppose a lot of supplies and their house edge is high. The sum of money which every casino makes from bets is called the house edge. There may be a lot of names and loads of explanations for the house edge but in the end it all comes to how much casinos keep.

One important thing to admit is that the house edge doesn’t work like a clock. It influences the game crucially, works in the long run but might become noticeable in months. That’s why all the “strategies” made by experienced gamblers are only their illusionary ideas. Never follow their so-called tactics because it simply does not work. The truth is that sometimes you come to the casino and you win something but in the long-term period coming to the casino will certainly bring you disappointment.

Consequently, we only approve of progressive slot machines. The understanding that in the long run casino is going to win anyway creates a clear vision of how to treat gambling on slot machines in particular. The chance of winning a jackpot makes slot machines gambling experience more entertaining and enjoyable. It creates a good atmosphere and seems to become more like a lottery.

Don’t refuse a gift, don’t accept a blow

It’s essential to comprehend the fact that there is no difference between gambling in casinos or online. But one huge advantage of playing online over casino’s gambling experience is the bonuses. Never ever refuse accepting bonuses but know they must be used in a specific way.

For example, if you’ve got $600 to gamble, you are highly likely to get a $600 online casino bonus to play with. There is no need in counting. In this case you’ve got more chances to win a jackpot. But there is one quite important thing to remember once you start playing with bonuses.

While gambling with bonuses you must be aware of the rules connected with chasing a jackpot. The problem is in the payout. One trick online casinos use is they try to hide that there is a maximum sum of money you can get as a win. Usually using bonuses don’t have limits, but nowadays we must admit it happens more often.

One more deceptive step casinos use is a payout limited by the month or a week. Respected online casinos don’t do it often but unfortunately we must admit that there is such a tendency.

Sir, you can’t come in, you’re not a member of the club

One saint rule for everyone to follow is always signing up for all sorts of slot’s club. It’s a vitally important thing and necessary aspect of gambling. First thing it’s for free, and second thing it lets you to the world of comps and special offers.

We can’t think of an example of a casino which has no club at all. Land based casinos usually provide players with free meals and drinks. If you invest a lot, being a member means you get free rooms in a hotel, flights and vacations. Being a member of some online casino means you get extra free stuff such as additional bonuses, better options and more comfortable gambling conditions.

Relax, take it easy

Remember that the main aim of any slot machine is to make you play as much as it’s possible. Casinos win when you hit the button nonstop. In other words, the more spins you do, the more money you lose. And it doesn’t matter whether your bet is big or small.

Let’s imagine your bet equals $2 per spin. Your slot machines get used to play with you really fast so almost in no time it knows your preferences and one thing it wants you to do is to hit the button. Experts claim that if we are in a hurry we can easily make 600 spins per hour. If we work it out it turns out that each hour we spend $1200. Now let’s revise the rule of the house edge which claims that casinos always win in the long run. So every hour casinos take away some percentage of every bet.

Logic here is pretty obvious. Do fewer spins per hour. It lets you play longer and lose less.


Using these tips will definitely help you out at the beginning of your gambling experience. You must understand that playing slot machines is the easiest type of gambling and that’s why it should be played smart. Knowing these rules and tricks lets you manage your gambling session and not make a fool out of yourself. Stop being a dummy and play slot machines with pleasure and thinking. Be sure that the jackpot is right behind the corner!

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