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  • Official website www.zimpler.com
  • Available for deposit Yes
  • Available for cashout No
  • Min deposit limit per transaction 10 for EUR
  • Max deposit limit per transaction 5000 for EUR
  • Min сashout limit per transaction TBD
  • Max сashout limit per transaction TBD

If you haven’t heard of Zimpler that means you have never heard of the best and the most convenient way of online payment. Moreover you have never experienced what it’s like to gamble in Zimpler online casinos. Let us consider what the advantages and disadvantages of Zimpler are.

Frist and foremost you should know that Zimpler is a brand new title for the Pugglepay. Pugglepay payment was helpful when you wanted to make an online transaction. The main idea was that one thing gambler was supposed to do was to type in mobile number inside cashier section and then you would receive SMS with code for confirmation. From that moment money appeared in your account and you were able to use them. The only thing which was left to do was to pay the bill which would be sent to you via SMS or email. The main advantage of Pugglepay was that it didn’t ask for any additional fees. One more advantage Pugglepay was that users could have an extra delay when it was financially complicated to meet the deadline.

Puggleplay went through rebranding and became Zimpler. Zimpler support can be felt even stronger. So, what is Zimpler? Zimpler is a Swedish payment system for immediate deposit and withdrawals. What are the main features and benefits of using Zimpler.

The most valuable feature of Zimpler is that it saves your card, bank and bill payments in one space. Once connected with your phone number it gives you a complete overview of all economy and spendings.

Transactions have never been simpler. When you choose Zimpler as payment method you must enter your phone number, get an original code and mission is accomplished.

The most important change since Pugglepay became Zimpler is that in case of Zimpler you’ve got an opportunity to withdraw money to your bank account. And this process is done with the speed of light!

In addition, you mustn’t worry about spending too much. Zimpler is made in such a way to give you the whole and full picture of your financial status and tries to help you to spend less and earn more.

Perhaps we should also point out the fact that Zimpler may be used for reliable and safe gambling. Zimpler online casinos are presented in a great variety and with Zimpler support and simplicity become a really pleasant gambling experience.

From all these arguments one must conclude that Zimpler payment service is suitable for different financial exchanges, cryptocurrency operations, gaming and gambling. The main principles of Zimpler help people to overcome such difficulties as fraud, gambling addiction and overspending. Zimpler support is processed in such ways that if you have any troubles their customer service will definitely contact you and will try to figure out any sort of problem.

So it’s up to everybody to decide whether Zimpler is the best payment method or not. But we can’t help thinking that Zimpler is really one of the most responsible and adequate methods of payment in the modern world.

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