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  • Official website www.skrill.com
  • Available for deposit Yes
  • Available for cashout Yes
  • Min deposit limit per transaction no limits
  • Max deposit limit per transaction 500 000$
  • Min сashout limit per transaction no limits
  • Max сashout limit per transaction 500 000$

What is Skrill?

Skrill payment is a very effective online payment system that allows transactions all around the world. Skrill payment methods are various and flexible. Once you register a Skrill account you get access to Skrill wallet. As a result of very pleasant pricing, up-to-date exchange rates and affordable fees, Skrill payment is one of the fastest and simplest online payment gateways on the Internet. In order to learn how to use Skrill as payment gateway, read the following review.

How to get started?

The first thing that needs to be said is that you must open an account. Use this Skrill payment link (*) and click a button to open a free account. When you are done with all the filling out you are ready to use all the benefits of Skrill payment system. 

Payment methods

Skrill payment supports Klarna, Trustly, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Neteller, debit and credit cards and bank transfers. So as we have mentioned before Skrill payment options are various and flexible. It would be unfair not to mention that fact that in case of a bank transfer you will receive all the information on the local bank account details which is needed to make transactions.

Is Skrill Safe?

Skrill international payments are absolutely safe. The question of safety may arouse only if you are not acquainted with the work of e-wallets. Skrill payment system advises you to go through two factors authentication. Experts emphasize that the only thing you should be aware of is email frauds when you are asked to give your personal information related to your Skrill payment account.

Skrill payment Customer Support

Skrill payment system supports its clients 24/7. But to make sure you fully understand all the details of Skrill payment methods you should first go to FAQ section. It has been found out that most problems can be solved by reading this guide. Nevertheless, Skrill payment system permits telephone, email and messenger contacts.

Skrill Wallet

In order to understand how Skrill payment works we have to touch upon the features of Skrill wallet. A whole range of choice is presented by Skrill wallet. You may send and receive money internationally and locally, pay for goods and services. Withdrawal using Skrill wallet also presupposes a couple of variants. These are prepaid Mastercard, Skrill payment virtual card and Visa card. Skrill wallet works like a clock and has a lot of services for paying online and in store.


We are pretty confident that Skrill payment system and Skrill wallet are useful and convenient ways to send and receive money online. Skrill payment system allows its customers to work with money wherever they are. One of the most striking features of Skrill payment system is that it supports great number of deposit methods. All the inconveniences which may appear while using Skrill payment system may be resolved by obtaining Skrill pre-paid card. To summarize our rather complex views on the matter, we must say that Skrill payment gateway is one of the best choices when it comes to online payment.

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