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  • Official website www.neteller.com
  • Available for deposit Yes
  • Available for cashout Yes
  • Min deposit limit per transaction 1$
  • Max deposit limit per transaction 50 000$
  • Min сashout limit per transaction 1$
  • Max сashout limit per transaction 10 000$

What is Neteller?

The first thing that needs to be said is that Neteller is a global online payment system. It provides the best service in the market. Neteller has been working for more than 20 years now and has become one of the biggest money transfer companies in the world. Basically speaking Neteller is an online way of payment methods. In this Neteller review we are going to find out if Neteller payment is as convenient and reliable as it is said to be.

 Payment methods and money transfers

 Firstly, Neteller transaction fees are really affordable and won’t break your bank. Neteller payment methods are varied and flexible and go up to 40 different methods. Fund your account without a shred of doubt with Neteller payment options and forget about the stress of using online transactions. Can you buy bitcoins with Neteller? Not only buy but also sell with simple and transparent fees! Become a VIP member of Neteller payment system and get a lower exchange rate. In addition, keep on using Neteller constantly and you won’t need to pay any administrative fee.

The main aim of Neteller payment system is to make transactions invisible that is why the top merchants like fbs.com, ICM.com, Rubix FX, Xtrade and others allow Neteller as a payment method.

Neteller payment options let you spend your money on thousands different websites. Neteller deposit fees will definitely meet your demands and suit your desires. Withdrawing with Neteller is also a pretty good solution to the problem, especially when you need to withdraw money to your private bank account.

Everything concerning money transfer is instant with Neteller. You can transfer your money in or out globally, instantly receive online transfers and of course transfer your money to anyone you want as long as you know their email.

Neteller wallet is an amazing app with great and usable design. It is fast and easy to use. Neteller wallet will be understandable for any age and it lets you to work with your Neteller deposits whenever and wherever you want. You can analyze your balance and take a look at recent transfers with Neteller wallet in just a couple of seconds.    

 Neteller Customer support and security

Trust and responsibility are the keywords of Neteller payment system. With Neteller you must be sure that your earnings are safe. First of all Neteller keeps your transactions secure thanks to new and reliable defensive system. You may easily get access to your transaction history. Neteller customer support is there for you 24/7. They are ready to help and answer any question even such as what is Neteller payment method or how to transfer money from Neteller to bitcoin wallet or simply what is Neteller. 


To cut a long story short we must admit that Neteller payment system is one of the most experienced, serious and reliable online payment providers in the market. Don’t hesitate, sign your free account in Neteller and enter the world of comfortable and safe money transactions with Neteller.

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