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  • Official website www.idebitpayments.com
  • Available for deposit Yes
  • Available for cashout Yes
  • Min deposit limit per transaction No limits
  • Max deposit limit per transaction No limits
  • Min сashout limit per transaction no limits
  • Max сashout limit per transaction No limits

If you’ve been trying to the best bank transfer solution for quite some time this online review is definitely for you! Among all the payment solutions we have chosen iDebit and are going to describe it to you in every detail. “What is iDebit?” one may wonder. The answer is as clear as a sunny summer day. iDebit is a reliable payment system which helps you make purchases using your online banking.

iDebit allows their customers to pay using their own banking account. One thing you should remember is that iDebit will never share any of your personal banking information and using iDebit is absolutely anonymous. One condition must be followed and it’s that you are supposed to 18 to start using iDebit.

 As many payment solutions iDebit payment method helps with different types of bank transfers. In order to use iDebit you have got to go through a couple of steps. Choose iDebit on the payment side, then enter iDebit as a guest, fill in your banking information and then simply accept the payment. Voila and it’s done! As you have already understood iDebit doesn’t require any kind of approval processes or creating new accounts.

What are the main benefits of using iDebit? First of all remember that iDebit keeps your personal bank information completely safe. iDebit shares nothing with any kind of merchant.

Second of all with iDebit there is no need for any kind of old-fashioned credit card. Everything can be bought online using only your bank account.

Next really nice thing about iDebit is that it’s absolutely different from other payment solutions in terms of speed and reliability. You won’t need any kind of registration. Everything will be taken care of in a qualitative and responsible way.

One more significant aspect of iDebit is that it lets you use it without paying some extra high fees. Everything is clear and understandable as a common bank transfer you are accustomed to.

Nowadays it’s important to be punctual so with iDebit you may be sure that your transaction will be done on time. You will be able to confirm it in just a second and it can also be seen in your bank transfer history.

Is iDebit safe? With iDebit it’s not even a question which should be asked. All your transactions are directly interconnected with your online banking account. So all the measures that protect modern banks from any type of fraud are on your side. All your personal information stays with you. iDebit also provides a bank transfer security feature in order to figure out your identity and protect your transaction. All the transfers are analyzed and verified constantly by using security certification methods. And most importantly iDebit customer support works 24/7 to meet all your demands. So if you have any questions concerning iDebit payment method you may ask it any time. You will most certainly receive qualified and professional answer as iDebit tries to fulfill any possible need. There is no doubt that iDebit is the best bank transfer system among all payment solutions.

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