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Recent changes in taxation in different countries

June 2, 2020

The system of taxation of gambling, as a rule, either allows operators to expand their activities on the market and replenish the state budget or, if expectations are too high, force players and operators to leave the legal market, depriving the state of additional income. Let’s look at the big picture of the latest changes and bills in the field of taxation in different countries.

Innovations in France

The French Senate recently passed a law for 2020, according to which the calculation of the gambling tax will be based on gross revenue, called GGR, instead of gross turnover. As a result of the abandonment of the obsolete model, the tax on horse racing rates will be equal to 19.9% of GGR, the tax rate for sports betting will be 33.8%, for online poker – 36.7%.

At the same time, payments aimed at helping social projects will be calculated taking into account the income of companies, and not turnover, as before. In this regard, betting companies will transfer 10.7%, the online poker segment – 4.1%, and operators offering sports betting – 6.8%. 

The authorities specify that the tax rates can be changed depending on the success of the players. These facts, especially the adjustment of the tax rate when taking into account the winnings of customers, indicate that the regulatory authorities monitor the country’s gambling market and adjust to the current situation.

It’s known that compliance with the law on gambling in France is monitored by three departments. Online bets were legalized in the country in 2010 and are currently controlled by the Online Games Regulatory Authority (ARJEL).

Gaming Center Macau: Tourist Tax

The government of the special administrative region of China taxes the gambling sector with a tax on gross casino gambling income at a rate of 39%. The only exception is SJM Holdings, which has been operating as a monopoly for 40 years in the market. It’s taxed at 38%. The remaining fees from gaming gross margin are also 39%. Other taxes include revenue from Chinese lotteries, instant lotteries, and horse racing bets.

Taxation in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, gambling organizers are taxed exclusively. The tax rate at the moment is 15%. For the mobile gambling market, the figure is the same. For license maintenance, the fee reaches 20% of the GGR.

According to article 242 (2) of CITA, activities related to slot machines and online casino are subject to corporate tax, which is also paid quarterly. Despite the rather strict regulatory conditions and the precarious economic situation, gambling in Bulgaria still works and brings its results.

Canada’s tax-free system

Fundamental differences from the countries mentioned above are the tax system of Canada. Since most private gambling companies in Canada are simply registered suppliers of gambling products, there are no industry taxes in the country.

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