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“Platipus caters for the palate of the classic casino player by supplying the traditional array of themes and slot types. Having gained recognition on the social
casino scene, the provider has recently made a foray into real money gaming.”

Have you ever heard about company with real passion for innovative HTML5 video slots creation?

Let us present you a UK-located modern game developing studio


Platipus has a strong focus on real money gambling apps and free slots casino games with bonus. The Platipus team gathered all the bright minds to develop and maintain exclusive casino no deposit bonus codes.

Platipus developer team is a solid reason to brag because very skilled and creative developers work not only on casino slots free with bonus or other gambling games online but also on brand new trends both in information technology field and in consumer oriented areas. That is a very strong competitive advantage, should we notice!

This is what “I have a dream” means nowadays!

It all started ten years ago, when in 2010 Platipus started developing innovative software for the gaming industry, specializing in instant play no deposit bonus casinos and other casino applications.

Each year there are more competitors with their online casino free signup bonus no deposit required web-sites and applications. This challenge only inspires Platipus dream team to create and make more than just free casino slots with bonus.

Exclusively developed new set of HTML5 casino slots will provide its players with rane of benefits: all devices compatibility, fresh intriguing content, better technical specifications, fast  loading, 24/7 technical support and 100% Customization. Casino games with bonuses never were better!

One of the company’s principles is to promote responsible gaming. The main aim of online gambling websites or any other type of gambling is have fun, relax, entertain! Like Nirvana sang: “Here we are now! Entertain us!” Platipus is always there and ready!

Well, if you still wonder: “Is online gambling legal?” with Platipus promotion of responsible gaming you can learn the basics of responsible gambling!

Another beautiful thing about gambling with Platipus is that its games can be flexibly integrated in any customer platform or website.

Platipus knows how to listen and every time absorbs all the users’ feedback, analyze it and then integrate brilliant decisions into its casino bonus or other bonus, functionalities or features.

Platipus team is also great in localizing all its content to provide it on various markets and help clients reach bigger and more quality audience.

Platipus has strict and fair policies, procedures, trainings, due diligence, risk assessment and monitoring procedures.

Thus legal online gambling with Platipus attitude minimizes integrity risk and takes into the consideration relevant laws in all of the markets. Obviously, Platipus has excellent history of safeguarding any data where clients’ privacy is a core of cooperation.

It also should be mentioned that account management of gambling apps is a top rank in cooperation with Platipus.

Dedicated account manager is responsible for increasing game performance, creating promotions and resolve any gambling problem you may experience to make better commercial performance on the market.

What are you waiting for? Join the incredible professional team and get you portion of inspiration!

A unique specially-for-you tailored and well personalized service is available now!

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